(Our Sisterhood Is) Unbroken by Bars is based on an interview between Topeka and Ivy, two women who met while incarcerated at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution. The experiences they shared with each other and with the other women they grew to know bonded them so profoundly that they became family, "sisters". Once people leave prison they are not allowed to return to visit with those they left behind. Topeka and Ivy didn't see each other for two years. During the interview they discuss how this outdated law keeps them from providing mentorship and hope to those still incarcerated. They also express that though prison may create isolation, it cannot break the loving bonds they have for all of their sisters, and they will continue to advocate for all incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls. 

Artwork for (Our Sisterhood Is) Unbroken by Bars is by Shyama Kuver of Heart Over Crown